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Workplace Fatalities and Workers Compensation Rates

It is true that the increase in your Workers Comp rates following  an employee's death, are often less than when an employee experiences a non fatal but very serious workers compensation injury.  Though still, an employees death will significantly impact your future...

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Written Job Descriptions Can Keep Your Comp Rates Low

-- Here's why... As a former staffing owner who has done his fair share of staffing "ASAP" positions, I understand the pressure that staffing managers have in matching the skill sets of the right applicant to the job, and getting the applicant to the job site site in...

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Multi- State PEO Workers Comp Coverage

A Perfect Solution for a Growing Staffing Company Leaststaff is getting more inquiries lately from small staffing companies that need multi state work comp coverage in order to meet the needs of their large multi state clients. For instance, a 1M/yr. staffing client...

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Using Deductibles as a Tool for Lowering Your Work Comp Rates

When was the last time you computed what your work comp premiums would be if you paid 20% less in rates, but had a $500 deductible? Or a $1000 deductible and paid 30% less in rates? Or even a $10,000 deductible and a 70% reduction in rates? If you are like most...

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Is Finding Inexpensive Workers Compensation a Challenge Today?

In a word, Yes. Staffing companies still have three main options for workers compensation. 1) State Funds which are usually the most expensive option. 2) Staff Leasing or PEO, which can be a great fit with competitive rates if you need Comp in multiple States and/or...

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