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Tina Fey Has State Fund Workers Compensation Problems Too

Tine Fey was hit with a $79,000 Workers Compensation penalty/fees bill because the NY State Fund accused her of not paying her workers compensation bill. Meanwhile the NY State Fund had sent her workers compensation bills for the last 2 years to the wrong address.

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Why Workers Comp Solutions Turns Me On

Like all of us who are in the staffing industry, we find our greatest rewards come from helping people in their careers or in their businesses. Recently I had the pleasure of helping a new client Avery Johnson, who owns Another Chance Staffing in Raleigh N.C. . Avery’s staffing business is extra special because he helps people who need a second chance in in order to pursue productive lives and careers.

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10 Most Common Work Place Injuries

How to anticipate work place injuries and avoid unsafe client sites. As a staffing company owner, you have to always be alert to the safety conditions at your client’s site. When inspecting their site prior to staffing your employees, you may want to ask your client about the specific physical activities that your employees will be performing, and where will they take place at the site. This will help you analyze and anticipate the level of risk for your staff.

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Minimum Wage Increase = Work Comp Increase Too

There has been a lot of news recently about the Federal and various State Governments increasing the minimum wage to between $8.50 to $10.10. What I rarely hear discussed is that this increase will also raise employers (total payroll tax burden) and workers compensation rates; since workers compensation is based on the hourly wage paid.

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Workers Compensation Insanity Continues in 2014

First the good news, your clients workers compensation rates are going up. Now the bad news, workers compensation rates are increasing faster for staffing companies, and most insurance companies are less eager to underwrite staffing policies than they were in 2013.

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