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10 Most Common Work Place Injuries

How to anticipate work place injuries and avoid unsafe client sites. As a staffing company owner, you have to always be alert to the safety conditions at your client’s site. When inspecting their site prior to staffing your employees, you may want to ask your client about the specific physical activities that your employees will be performing, and where will they take place at the site. This will help you analyze and anticipate the level of risk for your staff.

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Minimum Wage Increase = Work Comp Increase Too

There has been a lot of news recently about the Federal and various State Governments increasing the minimum wage to between $8.50 to $10.10. What I rarely hear discussed is that this increase will also raise employers (total payroll tax burden) and workers compensation rates; since workers compensation is based on the hourly wage paid.

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Workers Compensation Insanity Continues in 2014

First the good news, your clients workers compensation rates are going up. Now the bad news, workers compensation rates are increasing faster for staffing companies, and most insurance companies are less eager to underwrite staffing policies than they were in 2013.

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Shopping for a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

As more and more staffing companies use a PEO to reduce their soaring workers compensation insurance rates, it is important that they thoroughly review the PEO’s credentials with an experienced staffing PEO broker.
Here are some simple guidelines to follow with your staffing-PEO broker.

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Are You tired Of Paying High Workers Compensation Rates in the Assigned Risk Pool?

Many staffing companies that are in the assigned risk or state workers compensation pools are finding that their 2014 premiums are making business much less profitable. They are searching for solutions and new business models so they can still eek out a profit this year, or even stay in business. Especially, since the governmental regulations for the new health care law (ACA) may significantly add to staffing companies administration costs.

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Who is Responsible When a Temporary Employee Gets Hurt On The Job?

Many of my staffing clients are frustrated when they tell me that THEIR clients do not feel responsible when a temporary employee gets hurt at their location. But according to very specific guidelines from OSHA, THEIR client certainly bares some of the responsibility in this situation. This is a fact that is unfortunately lost on many of their clients. As a result, some staffing client companies do not always make sure that the temporary workers perform their jobs in a safe environment.

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Leaststaff client talks about their PEO relationship

We use a Professional Employer Organization (PEO ) for all of our back office needs, at first we only thought of our PEO as a great payroll and workers comp processer, but as we needed more things for government contracting we have added so much more.

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