Worker Safety Standards under the Knife Could Mean More Accidents

On the campaign trail, President Trump talked about slashing and putting numerous occupational health and safety regulations on the back burner as a way to trim the bureaucracy. He’s making good on his promises by targeting several worker safety rulemakings.

The rulemakings being slashed include proposed rules on combustible dust, construction noise, and permissible exposure limits for certain chemicals. It’s uncertain what the long term impact will be on worker safety, but one possible result could be more accidents and illnesses.

Staffing firms that provide temporary workers to industries that contain these risks should make sure they have up-to-date safety plans and procedures. Some states, such as California, require employers to have injury and illness prevention plans in place to address workplace hazards in their particular industries. Lax safety standards can lead to more accidents and higher workers’ comp rates.

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David Schek