Will the Feds Set Standards on Opioid Use?

In our last blog we discussed the spike in drug use in workplace, including the use of opioids. Starting in August, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation will phase in prescribing guidelines for opioids for work injuries.

These guidelines will only apply to federal workers, but could possibly set a standard for states or even employers, if feasible. The federal standards include limits on how long an opioid can be prescribed and documentation from a physician for review by a claim administrator, if that limit must be exceeded. The guidelines also attempt to get doctors to consider tapering doses and consider whether an opioid is even necessary.

Opioid use has been connected to slower return to work rates, can cause impairment, and lead to harder drugs. Employers, including, staffing firms, to the extent they are able, should consider setting guidelines for opioid use. Fewer opioid prescriptions will lower work comp costs and get workers back to work faster. LeastStaff has many workers’ comp and general insurance solutions to keep your insurance rates as low as possible.

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David Schek