Safe Driving Practices Falling Through the Cracks

According to a recent study on automotive fleet companies, safe driving policy does not match practices. A study by SambaSafety, concluded that while 80% of automotive fleet companies say driver safety is there main priority, the stats don’t back it up.

70% don’t monitor drivers and 59% don’t have a safety program in place. Driving can be a dangerous profession, and it behooves these companies can have a safety culture that doesn’t encourage unsafe practices. One such example provided by the study says that berating a driver for missing a call may encourage reckless driving to make it to the next one on time.

This is a good advice for staffing firms that provide drivers for various industries. Instilling a safety culture in drivers, especially those who may be transporting cargo for long distances, is key to preventing accidents and injuries. This in turn keeps workers’ comp costs low.

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David Schek