Marijuana: What To Expect From Trump

For employers, the maze of legal marijuana laws, both medical and recreational, has created potential work hazards and workplace risks. The Trump administration’s pronouncements are confusing the matter. During the campaign, he supported states’ rights on the issue, but has talked recently about enforcing federal laws. Marijuana is Schedule 1 drug and illegal at the federal level.

In states where recreational marijuana is legal, employers can’t accurately test. Marijuana stays in the system for weeks. An employee can test positive but not have any impairment. Some states require actual impairment. Trump has yet to come up with a policy, but employers usually prevail in courts because of federal law. Staffing firms need to be well versed in the different state laws. If there is a work injury and a positive drug test, is the injury covered under workers’ comp? Different laws mean different workers’ comp risks. LeastStaff has many workers’ comp and general insurance solutions to keep your insurance rates as low as possible.

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David Schek