Don’t Just Take Leaststaff’s Word For It: Let Our Clients Do The Talking

LeastStaff has found workers compensation solutions for nearly 100 staffing clients over the 10 years LeastStaff has been in business. We do more and more business each year because staffing companies want to talk to insurance and work comp professionals that have actually operated their own staffing firms, and can understand their unique insurance issues.  Our clients appreciate it, and without them, we couldn’t continue to grow or introduce new services. Here is just a sample of what our clients have to say about LeastStaff:

“When I reached out to David in 2016 I was shopping for Worker’s Compensation Quotes. David not only assisted in helping me with a different solution that saved me money, he also helped me secure a very advanced software to make my operations run more efficient. … . David has been a true mentor and has given me good ideas to help me re-organize my company and ultimately all these changes will help me grow my business. I would recommend David to anyone who is needing a true expert in the staffing industry.”
Carri L.– 2017

“David and the LeastStaff team have proven to be excellent partners. So many people in this business overpromise and under deliver, we were pleasantly surprised.

We would recommend David and his team without reservation.”

“David Scheck at LeastStaff was able to get us on a PEO platform at the 11thhour and save us from a potential disaster. He found a solution to ACA compliance and payroll service at the same time. We enjoy our continued relationship with David and his company. Thank You”

Staffing, recruiting process outsourcing, pre-employment, work force and employees.

“David Schek has been a great help to our staffing firm. He helped us change everything about how we used to do business by getting us signed up with a wonderful PEO that has given us the edge that we needed to better compete against competitors that are much larger then we are.”

“David Schek is committed to people. He goes out of his way to listen intently to your needs, emphasize with what you express, and then move heaven and earth to serve you. He is a shining star in what can sometimes feel like a complicated world.”
Kimberly R.–2015

“David is a professional who understands his clients and prospects, their specific situations and how he can be of service to them, whether directly or through referrals to other professionals, and, broadly, to the industry he serves. He is a straight shooter, a man of integrity, and very responsive to all who seek him out, whatever the reason.

It is a privilege to recommend him with absolutely no reservations”
Mike B.–2014

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David Schek