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Noted Economists Point to Benefits Of Using A Professional Employer Organization.

At the recent national Professional Employer Organization (PEO) conference in San Antonio, 2 economists who have published their research in the Harvard Business Review (Laurie Bassi and Daniel McMurrer) presented their paper highlighting the benefits of using a PEO for small businesses.  Since most staffing companies are small businesses, PEO’s make tremendous sense as a way to decrease back office and workers compensation expenses.

PEO’s allow you to operate very efficiently and maximize your limited resources to stay competitive.

Their study points out that small businesses that use a PEO have a 10% higher growth rate and experience 21% savings in back office expenses than other small business.  The economists, Ms. Bassi and Mr. McMurrer,  also indicate that 250,000 companies with 6 Million employees currently utilize a PEO in their businesses.

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