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Our Mission:

For each client we serve, we apply our 30 years of staffing experience to identify the most effective and LEAST expensive source for workers’ compensation. By extensively consulting with you, we analyze your staffing companies needs, and connect you with the best workers compensation option. Our unique expertise in the workers comp field as well as our professional experiences in the staffing industry, means that we can obtain individually tailored solutions and extremely competitive pricing for you.

If you are using your State Fund for worker compensation coverage, you are almost ALWAYS paying too much for workers comp insurance. Our best clients are former State Fund customers. They enjoy no longer hassling with the State Funds bureaucracy and appreciate receiving much lower workers compensation rates.

Our Specialty:

Workers’ Comp Solutions

Workers’ compensation is a critical cost component of any staffing company. Often, it means the difference between generating a profit or a loss. Before starting Leaststaff, President David Schek operated a nationwide staffing company, Culi-Services, which serviced hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of employees annually in 35 states.

To locate the least expensive workers’ compensation solutions in each state–and to adjust to ever-changing business needs–David developed relationships with State Comp funds, private insurance companies, and staff leasing companies. Let Leaststaff focus its extensive experience to reduce your workers’ compensation costs and boost your profits.

Workers' Comp Services

FREE Workers Comp Quote

FREE Workers Comp Quote

Let us give you a FREE Comp Quote. We love to beat the State Funds Comp Rates and to save you money.

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  • "With the recession, I needed to find a financing partner that paid me my commissions the same week as my sales. Leaststaff knew of a funder that did this and helped keep my business from going under."

    Dave - NM

  • “I used Leaststaff for finding a work comp solution for my healthcare staffing company in 2009, when no one would cover a multi state start up like us. They are great!”

    Jan in CO

  • “I have staffing businesses in NJ and Texas. Leaststaff found work comp solutions for my entire business in a few days. They also helped us find inexpensive G/L coverage! Their follow up was superb—”

    Rafael – TX / 2010

  • “We own a light industrial staffing company in California where is has become very difficult to get work comp coverage. With Leaststaff, they found a comp carrier in about 2 weeks, and their rates were super.”

    Ty – CA / 2009

  • “We had a 2.5M family business that we needed to sell after a significant illness by my father. Leaststaff found a buyer that paid our family a very reasonable price.”

    Sally – AR / 2010

  • “I own a hospitality staffing company in the DC area. Leaststaff was able to connect us with various merger partners so I was able to expand my business in to 3 different markets.”

    Alex – VA / 2008

  • “The management at Leaststaff helped me resolve some older Ohio work comp bills, so I did not have to close my staffing business.”

    Jim – Ohio / 2008

  • “I own a truck driver staffing company that operates in multiple states. After having had my Comp insurance cancelled, Least staff was able to identify a new carrier quickly and helped me keep my business going. Thank you Leaststaff.”

    Joe – MO / 2008

  • “As a staffing manager and owner for more than 20 years, I have found staff leasing for my associates a wonderfully efficient way to manage my business costs.”

    Paula K. – Atlanta, Georgia

  • “I had never used a staff leasing service in my other businesses, but inmanaging the costs in my staffing business, I believe it is essential.”

    Kristin – Rochester, New York

  • “I would use staff leasing instead of hassling with workers’ comp and unemployment issues any day of the week.”

    Curt D. – Norfolk, Virginia